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Secure Coding Training that 
Developers Enjoy

Learn about the secure coding training that reduces the burden on administrators and developers, and developers actually enjoy taking

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53% of Developers Are Not Trained on Secure Coding

Source: Ponemon Institute

Common Challenges 
with Secure Coding Training

Secure coding training has traditionally been challenging for both administrators and developers.

For administrators, setting up the training, developing the curriculum, tracking and reporting on students’ progress, and showing the return on investment was tedious, and time-consuming. For compliance professionals, there’s the added complexity of ensuring that all developers complete the training and are certified before an audit.

For developers, the struggle has been about finding time to take the training, staying fully present for it, maintaining enough motivation to complete it, and retaining the knowledge for later use. The latter two are exacerbated by content that may not be relevant to them, that’s delivered in an uninteresting format, or that is fundamentally developed using the wrong philosophy. 

Thorough training modules, easy for developers to follow, and leads to reduction in vulnerabilities

“Developers can follow the training modules easily. It is not a burden for them like other training. Additionally, the training leads to a reduction of vulnerabilities in code.”

— Administrator in Consumer Electronics

Science and Philosophy in Developer Training

Offensive vs. Defensive Philosophy

Research shows that offensive training is superior to defensive training at improving motivation, and leads to  better comprehension.

Learning Science Principles

Bite-sized lessons delivered over time, the ability to practice what they’ve learned, clear and specific feedback, conceptual and procedural knowledge, and a system that provides positive reinforcement are all principles that underlie effective learning.

Contextual Learning

Contextual learning, which directly connects training to what developers experience, know, and are familiar with, has been scientifically proven to improve the effectiveness of training by enhancing critical thinking skills.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of training fails to leverage all these insights, resulting in a sub-par learning experience for developers, frustration for administrators, code that contains vulnerabilities, and an elevated risk of software and web application breaches for companies.

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What Training Looks Like Today

Secure Coding Training typically falls into one of the following categories:

Video-based training

Relatively inexpensive, accessible anytime


Doesn’t adapt to developer’s or company’s unique needs; 

No hands-on component; 

Can easily be gamed by fast-forwarding or playing in the background; 

No way to ask questions, content isn’t updated regularly; 

Completion doesn’t equal comprehension or proficiency


In-Person Training

Allows teams to take training together;

easier to ask instructor questions


Too much information all at once

Very expensive & time-consuming

Forces students to conform to the needs of a common denominator

Completion doesn’t equal comprehension or proficiency


Online Slides/eBook Library

Relatively inexpensive

Accessible anytime


Completion doesn’t equal comprehension or proficiency 

No guidance on topics 

No hands-on component 

No way to ask questions 


Traditional Hands-On Online Platforms

Hands-on, Accessible anytime and anywhere


Missing Learning Science Principles 

Defensive-only approach 

Don’t adapt lessons to developers’ needs

Too game-like 

Uses tone and language that can turn developers off 

Multiple choice doesn’t promote true comprehension or proficiency

May not provide a way to get prompt answers to questions 


“Developers see secure coding training as a tax to their jobs”

- Fortune 500 CISO

A Modern Secure Coding Training Solution Addresses the Shortcomings of Traditional Training Solutions

It does so by using the principles that research recommends. That means training that has:

An offensive and defensive approach

Bite-sized lessons of 20-30 minutes each

A hands-on format so developers can practice what they learn

Clear, specific and timely feedback

Conceptual and procedural knowledge so developers know both the how and why of secure coding principles

A rewards system for positive reinforcement

Comprehensive administrative features

An adaptive system that delivers relevant lessons

If the training doesn’t have one or more of these elements, it may not be effective at maintaining motivation and engagement, and improving developers’ ability to write more secure code. 

That results in a poor return on investment on the training.

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Introducing HackEDU

The Modern Secure Coding Training Platform

HackEDU is a hands-on secure coding training platform that uses a real web app to teach secure coding skills. It was built from the ground up to minimize the burden of training on developers and administrators. 

By combining an offensive and defensive philosophy with learning science principles, integrating with common DevSecOps tools, and developing administrative tools that simplify the deployment, management, tracking and reporting of training, HackEDU makes life easier for everyone involved in the training process

See how we can help transform your application security efforts with training that developers enjoy taking

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How It Works



Use our Single Sign-On (SSO) feature to make setup quicker and more secure, and to improve the user experience.

Leverage our Teams feature to organize users, and easily assign and track training plans based on role, seniority, department, functional area, etc.

Integrate with SAST/DAST/SCA tools and bug bounty programs to deliver lessons that are relevant to the vulnerabilities found in code.



Use one of our recommended training plans, set up an adaptive training plan that delivers lessons using data from the integrations, or create a custom plan

Use the platform to invite developers to the training by inputting them manually or simply uploading a .CSV file

Use our web-based platform to deploy the training to your developers. No need to set up anything on your servers, no clunky virtual machines to spin up. It just works in your browser


Management & Tracking

Easily see who’s completed the training, and who needs some additional prompting

Get a clear view of whether individuals or teams need additional attention on a particular topic, without needing to slice and dice raw data 


Maintaining Engagement & Motivation

Developers learn the how and why of secure coding, through hands-on lessons where they code patches for vulnerabilities using a real web app

Our live chat feature enables developers and administrators to get their questions answered promptly

Use our challenges to leverage gamification. Pair challenges with our rewards system to create friendly competition and elevate engagement


Reporting & Certificates

Easily view, filter, generate and download reports on completion, level of proficiency, challenges, and full user progress

Download certificates of completion for teams, or for individual users for compliance audits

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No pressure. No hard pitch. No catches.


Trusted by companies from 
Startups through the Fortune 5

What some of our customers say

I have taken part in several security trainings over the years and this was by far the best I have seen

“I learned a TON taking this class, I have taken part in several security trainings over the years and this was by far the best I have seen. I was able to immediately apply what I learned to my everyday work, and I know several other engineers on my team had a similar experience. I am hoping that my company leverages more of your offerings in the future! ”

Reviewer Role: Applications
Company Size: 250M - 500M 
USD Industry: Healthcare Industry

4.8 out of 5.0

Based on 20+ reviews

..way more effective than the usual canned trainings, or even live presentations

“Overall I found the training easy to access, fun and engaging. The hands-on approach of actually performing security exploits and also fixing them I thought was way more effective than the usual canned trainings, or even live presentations. I also like that I could complete it at my own pace and flexibly fit it in the work day. ”

Reviewer Role: R&D/Product Development
Company Size: 250M - 500M USD 
Industry: Communications Industry

Why HackEDU

HackEDU has helped companies ranging in size from startups to the Fortune 20 to remove the barriers to a secure software development lifecycle by equipping developers with secure coding know-how.

We address the biggest challenge of training that training administrators face - that of motivating and engaging developers to take and complete the training.

Schedule a no-pressure 15 minute conversation to see how we can help transform your application security efforts with training that developers enjoy taking

No hard pitch. No catches. No disparaging our competitors. Just a glimpse into how HackEDU’s secure coding training platform can reduce difficulties for everyone involved in the training process

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“Letting the product speak for itself and not be pushy at all”

I very much appreciate your approach to salesmanship. Yeah, as opposed to other sales folks. Yeah, I do want to call that out, you know, really letting the product speak for itself and not be pushy at all, and yeah, without all the flashiness. I really do appreciate your approach.

Head of Information Security
Leading Insurance Company
Current Customer

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